Stylist Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Lebanon

5 rating

Hannah was excellent! Friendly, fast and professional - found my new stylist!

1 rating

I requested only a little trim of sides and back. Shannon began trimming a little, but continued snipping and cutting. Suddenly she began cutting the top, holding front hair with top, even after we told her that was enough, she continued. I assumed she was trying to even her cut. When my great nephew saw his hair, he was devastated. He said everyone would laugh at him, that he wouldnot leave his room until it grows out. He is 7 years old. As soon as we got home, he ran to his room, loudly sobbing uncontollably. He cried for over an hour and nothing would console him. We had this experience with other stylists and prefer Miranda, who has been the first to listen and follow our requests for only a little trim. Last visit, Shannon, as Miranda was not in, trimmed his hair as we asked. After today, I most likely will never visit Sports Clip, Lebanon, Tennessee.

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