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My two boys were taken in for a hair cut yesterday only to return looking like whoever cut their hair was highly intoxicated. On one their hair is clearly slanted down, not blended at all, and choppy. My youngest is also choppy and not blended in the back. They have been here several times and had some not so great hair cuts, but this is just embarassing. I called this morning to complain and schedule to get in this afternoon, but my customer service on the phone was just as horrible as the haircuts. First, she said she could not find my boys service that was just done yesterday and would have to have the manager call me back because she needed to get back to cutting hair. Basically telling me that my call and concerns were not important. Did I not also pay for two haircuts just the day before? So because you already took my money and butchered my childrens hair my concerns do not matter? If you don't have the time to help customers on the phone because "you need to get back to cutting hair" then there needs to be a designated person for the front desk. So I asked where the manager was and she said she was cutting hair and would have to call me later. So again, I am not important. Finally, I told her what time I would be there this afternoon to get this fixed and she said she I had to go online and check in before I come. So I said as a customer service why could she not put me in the system for the time I will be there since this is THEIR ERROR AND NOT MINE??? She explained that it's all the customer's responsibility now. So you are telling me that I can not call for an appointment to correct your error and now will have to come in after working all day and wait with my two boys? We already had to wait yesterday and should not have to wait again for THEIR ERROR. I have worked in customer service for many many years and this is just a joke. I guess I will just be waiting for the manager to return my call, but I'm not holding my breath.

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This is the only place in Lebanon that I'll go to for getting a haircut. They've never done it wrong. Now granted there are times where it may take a while before you're called back. Take the time to relax and watch some sports TV.

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